Alien Impostors & Doppelgangers

Alien Impostors & Doppelgangers

Alien Impostors & Doppelgangers

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The idea that some mimic might steal your identity and replace you, or takeover your mind, is terrifying. But could we encounter aliens that were able to do this?

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Alien Civilizations: Alien Impostors & Doppelgangers
Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur
Episode 359a, September 11, 2022
Written, Produced & Narrated by Isaac Arthur

David McFarlane

Jeremy Jozwik
Ken York
Udo Schroeter

Cover Art:
Jakub Grygier

Music by:
Martin Rezny, “Lifelight”
Denny Schneidemesser, “Bridge Ambience”
Stellardrone, “A Moment of Stillness”, “Cosmic Sunrise”, “Limbo”, “Red Giant”
Aerium, “Fifth Star of Aldebaran”
Miguel Johnson, “Strange New World”

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