Tertiary Effects is a web magazine devoted to the love of all things science fiction, mostly of the SF Adventure, Military SF and Space Opera varieties.

We feature author interviews, book reviews, podcasts, videos, science fiction art and news of interest to the SF reading community.

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Review Policy

For Publishers and Authors:

Tertiary Effects accepts new novels for review in epub format, emailed to reviews@tertiaryeffects.com.

Form emails will likely be ignored. An email introducing the book, author, and why you think your novel would be a good fit for our readers will get the most attention.

We love supporting independent authors and small presses, and are interested in authors from all walks of life, as long as their stories serve our audience.

Tertiary Effects can’t make promises about review timelines, and novels with the most appealing cover, blurb and first chapter will go to the top of the list. We generally only publish reviews of work we enjoy. We don’t really have time for negative reviews, or to write a review explaining how we didn’t finish something.

Thanks for thinking of us, and get writing the next book!

For Reviewers:

First of all, thank you for wanting to contribute to the site. We think we can make a great resource for readers.
Reviewers are welcome, please email us at reviews@tertiaryeffects.com and put “Reviewer” in the subject line.
Reviews can be as long as you want but are generally no more than three paragraphs with high level coverage of the book, what you liked about it and why readers should check it out. Comparisons with other SF Adventure, Mil-SF or Space Opera novels or authors can help readers decide if they want to check the book out. It’s also helpful to note the tone of the book, level of violence, profanity (or lack thereof). Why would you recommend this book to a friend?
Reviews may be lightly edited for grammar and style.
We don’t do bylines on the site, but you are welcome (and encouraged, it really helps the author) to publish your review on bookselling sites, or your own website.

If you have a classic novel our readers might enjoy, we would also love to run a review to get the word out.

Any questions about reviewing, please contact us @tertiaryeffects on twitter or email.

Why don’t we do bylines on the site? Our focus is on the books and other cool SF stuff, not our egos or raging pro-whiskey agenda.